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Men's boots


Descubre nuestra selección de zapatillas altas de hombre. Completa tu outfit con estilo mientras que cubres tus tobillos con este tipo de botas.



Choose your ideal boots for every occasion: sport and lifestyle with Decimas

Unas men's boots they are a very versatile type of footwear, which offers you extra protection in your sports activities and that gives you a youthful touch for your urban looks. It's the perfect mix between sporty design and casual style, and that's why at Decimas we offer you a great selection of men's boots!

On our website you can find different models of men's boots, with very original designs that they adapt to all tastes and needs.

If you want a more sporty style, you can find very modern and colorful designs; and, if you prefer a more elegant look, you also have boots with a very attractive finish. We have the latest in men's boots so you can choose the models that are trending this season.

In any case, our men's boots they are very versatile, so that you can give it a sporty use but so that you can also combine them with your casual looks. The combinations are endless!

You can wear your men's boots with joggers or jeans, when you wear a technical t-shirt or when you wear a sweatshirt hoodie with a hood and whether you wear a shelter as if it's time to put on the windbreaker. They are very practical footwear in all kinds of situations! You just have to define your style and choose the model that best suits your preferences and personality.

Technology and comfort: discover what makes Decimas boots unique

Our men's boots are designed to offer you maximum comfort in every step, whatever the use you are going to give to your footwear. We incorporate the most advanced technologies to offer you the best quality:

  • Sus synthetic materials and meshes in the upper part of the boot they guarantee greater breathability of the foot, keeping it cool and dry at all times. They also facilitate less forced movement, which contributes to less wear and, therefore, to greater durability of the footwear.
  • We use cushioned insoles to provide you with maximum walking comfort, preventing your foot and joints from suffering, even when your activity is intense.
  • Some of our models have a inner lining to provide you with as much warmth as possible in the colder months. This type of medium-length footwear is ideal for winter and we provide you with extra protection when you need it most.
  • We added very resistant rubber soles, which help to improve the cushioning and stability of the footwear, which prevents injuries, while giving you greater traction. In addition, our soles offer you high grip, so you have maximum grip regardless of the terrain you walk on.

To all this we must add the ergonomic design of our men's boots, which they fit the ankle to fully protect it, both to avoid kinks and to ensure better protection against the cold, either because of the time of year or because of the characteristics of the terrain you are walking on.

In short, Decimas men's boots have the most advanced technological innovations to always provide you with the comfort and functionality you are looking for for your feet.

Sustainable boots for the modern man: Decimas's ecological commitment

At Decimas, we are always committed to the quality of our materials to offer you comfort and durability in your men's boots, but always with the commitment to using sustainable fabrics.

We maintain a firm ecological commitment, integrating sustainable practices in the production of our men's boots, in order to reduce environmental impact.

Our quality materials are also materials that offer you optimal performance and maximum durability. Not only does this mean economic savings for you in the long term, but it also reduces the need to renew your footwear so often, which is more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable practices are nowadays an inescapable responsibility and, for this reason, in the Decimas men's boot range, we always strive for manufacturing excellence. This allows us to offer you the highest quality, the most modern design and the most cutting-edge technology.

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